Street foods in Kibera

Text & Pictures by Brian Otieno, Chairman of KiberaAID

Street foods are a commonplace here in Kibera. They range from a variety such as roasted maize, smokies, bhajias, chips, mandazi, chapatis, samosas, et al being sold in open air or displayed in transparent glass containers. The list is surely endless. Street foods are easily available and one can find them right outside their doorstep. There prices are totally different depending on what you want, but one thing stands out, they are very much affordable. The one thing negative about street food is that they can make you sick if you are not very careful. This is especially for those that requires to be cooked then displayed on carts for customers to see and come buy. For instance in such a case then one should always buy from a vendor with so many customers because people believe they have the best service and that their food is the best. But one thing remains clear, street foods are always yummy and super delicious.

Picture: Fish being dried on a wire mesh before being deep fried onto a waiting hot fire. Photo/Bryan Jaybee.

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Besuch in Kibera / Visiting Kibera


Anfang Juli war es wieder soweit: wir (Elena und Tobias) besuchten Kibera. Viel hatten wir uns vorgenommen und natürlich auch umgesetzt:

  • Familien der Kinder treffen


  • Verteilung von Waren aus Deutschland sowie großes Festessen


  • Kauf von Schreibmaterialien


Es war großartig zu sehen, wie zahlreich die Kinder mittlerweile an unseren KidsClub-Treffen teilnehmen. Wie immer wurde viel gelacht, gesungen und gelehrt. Danke auch an unseren Freunden aus Kibera, die aus jedem Samstags-Treffen etwas ganz Besonderes machen.

Viel Spaß beim Betrachten der Bilder.



At the beginning of July we (Elena and Tobias) visited Kibera. There were lot of things to manage, like:

  • meeting Parents of the Kids
  • organising a festive meal for the Children
  • distributing goods from Germany
  • buying stationeries for the Kids

It was great to see how many Children are joining KidsClub. The Kids had fun, they sang they laughed and were tought many things like how to prepare for exams. Many thanks to our friends from Kibera, who are really doing a great job during every KidsClub-meeting.

Enjoy the pictures.

The fittest survive

Foto by Brian Otieno

Text by Victor Oduor

Generally this is the norm of the day. During the rainy seasons life is not that easy around kibera. Houses get swept away,poor drainage causes the effluent to move everywhere making the place smelly ,there’s mud everywhere and its your skill that keeps you moving . Despite all this disadvantages there’s also a blessing In disguise to the children. Kibera is a densely populated area and this means there’s alot of movement,people doing business,walking for pleasure and visiting each other .During all this activities, people loose coins to the open drainages. During the rains the streamlines get filled with water collecting all the wastes to the main drainage, this movement carries with it everything and that’s why after the rains you’ll find most of the children  wadding inside this dirty waters looking for coins. They always take it as a blessing because they can get money to buy food and their toys. This has endangered most of the children in terms of health since they are at high risk of contacting waterborne diseases or even getting pierced with the sharp objects being thrown daily inside this streamlines,not that this dangers are not there,it has become a stage all children go through just to survive in the slums,those who are lucky move on and those who are not, always remain in that stage untill late, with the zeal to get money most of the children drop out of school even after joining because they don’t give attention to their education, this is because the families are not able to support the children financially to learn comfortably,this are the children who once they turn into teenagers they also turn into gangsters because they realize late that they need education to succeed. With the life of a gangster most of them don’t celebrate their twenty fifth birthdays unless they change and find  jobs even if it pays peanuts. The circle is ingrained amongst the children in kibera and the best solution to this problem is to provide education and introduce activities which keep the children busy and also exposing the children to a bigger world outside cause most if not all doesn’t know much about life outside kibera



Bilder aus dem KidsClub-Treffen / Pictures of our KidsClub-meeting


Wie gewöhnlich finden die KidsClub-Treffen statt. Wir verteilten Getränke, Kekse und Bücher an die Kinder. Außerdem lehrten Brian Otieno, Luke Kagose und Kelvin Jumah beim vorherigen Treffen den Kindern wertvolles Grundwissen für ein gesellschaftsfähiges Miteinander. Wie immer wurden viele Spiele organisiert, welche den Kindern eine Menge Freude bereiteten. Viel Spaß beim Betrachten der Bilder.


Is usual KiberaAID is still conducting meetings with the kids called KidsClub KiberaAID. We distributed drinks, cakes and books. During the latest meeting Brian Otieno, Luke Kagose and Kelvin Jumah teached them about basic knowledge. They also did some really funny games which the kids really love.

Enjoy the Pictures.

Rückblick unserer Osterfeier / Review of our happy-Easter celebration


In Kibera hatten wir am Samstag den 26.3.2016 während unseres KidsClub ein festliches Osteressen. Es wurde wie immer viel gelacht, viel gegessen und viel gefeiert. Somit wurden die Ostertage auch eine wunderbare Zeit für die Kinder aus Kibera. Viel Spaß beim Betrachten der Galerie.


In Kibera on 26th of march we had again a saturday meeting at KidsClub KiberaAID, which included a festive happy-Easter-meal. We laughed, ate and celebrated a lot. Thus happy-Easter was a wonderful time for the kids from Kibera. Enjoy the gallery.

Neue Verkaufs-Galerie / New Gallery of sellable pictures


Mit seinen emotionalen Fotografien, zeigt Brian Otieno eindrucksvoll das Leben im Slum in all seinen Facetten. Besondere Lichtstimmungen, interessante Ereignisse sowie wunderbare Portraits hält er mit seiner Kamera im Bild fest. Wer Interesse hat eines seiner Bilder zu kaufen, der kann dies nun in der hierfür erstellten Galerie tun:

Verkaufs-Galerie / Gallery of sellable pictures



With his pictures, Brian Otieno shows in an very emotional way, what is going on in Kibera. Special light-situation, interesting events and also wonderful portraits are a part of his portfolio. You can buy some of them which are published in our new gallery. So feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of his brillant pictures. Check out the gallery:

Verkaufs-Galerie / Gallery of sellable pictures

Frohe Ostern / Happy Easter


KiberaAID wünscht allen frohe Ostern und ein fröhliches Fest. Auch bei unserem KidsClub-KiberaAID ist dies ein Anlass für eine feierliche und glückliche Zeit. Hierzu wollen wir wieder ein Festessen für die Kinder veranstalten, und den Eltern wichtige Dinge wie Seifen, Reis und Zucker geben, sodass auch in Kibera Ostern eine festliche Zeit wird. Mehr darüber gibt es bald auf unserem Blog.

KiberaAID Print logo for Easter


KiberaAID wishes happy Easter. Also during KidsClub-KiberaAID  we are celebrating Easter by organising a big cooking for all the childrens we are supporting. We also give the parents essential goods like soaps, rice and sugar. Next week more information will be insert in our blog.

Rückblick des Vortrags in Pörnbach / Review of the lecture in Pörnbach


Ein besonderes Erlebnis war es, den Bürgern aus Pörnbach unsere Hilfsorganisation vorzustellen. Es wurde reichlich diskutiert und Anregungen gegeben. Ebenso reichlich waren die vielen Geld- und Sachspenden. Die Familie von KiberaAID möchte sich bei allen Besuchern ganz herzlich für das Erscheinen und Spenden bedanken. Es war eine Freude in diesem wunderschönen Gebäude den Vortrag zu halten. Wir hoffen dass er allen Beteiligten gefallen hat, zum Nachdenken angeregt hat und auch lange im Gedächtnis bleiben wird. Abschließend gilt ein besonderer Dank an die Familie Reisinger, die uns vor und nach dem Vortrag kräftig unterstützt hat.



It was really an amazing experience holding the lecture in Pörnbach and telling the people what KiberaAID is about. The audience discussed a lot and gave lot of thoughts towards our organisation. We got lot of donations like money and commodity contributions, which will help us a lot. We thank all the people for coming and donating. It was really a pleasure to organise this lecture in this beautiful building. We hope everybody enjoyed this evening and will stick it in memory. Special thanks also to members of Reisinger family, who helped alot befor and after the lecture.

Vortrag in Pörnbach / Lecture in Pörnbach


Wir starten mit unserem ersten Vortrag im Jahr 2016. Diesmal sind wir im wunderschönen Pfarrheim in Pörnbach. In dem Vortrag werden wir erzählen, wie ein Leben im Slum aussieht, welche Probleme die Gesellschaft plagt, und wo genau die Hilfsorganisation KiberaAID mit ihrer Hilfe ansetzt. Darüber hinaus bekommt der Besucher Eindrücke aus der wunderschönen Natur Kenias zu sehen.

Ort: Pörnbacher Pfarrheim

Zeit: Dienstag den 23.2.2016 um 19 Uhr

Dauer: 70-80 Minuten

Eintritt: frei, Spenden möglich



Next week we will start with our first lecture in 2016. This time we will organise the lecture inside of the wonderful building of the church community in Pörnbach. The lecture includes pictures, which are showing the problems of the slum, and how KiberaAID is handling these problems by providing help to the needy slum dwellers. The audience will also see photos from the beatiful nature in Kenya.

Place: Building of the church community in Pörnbach

Date: Tuesday 23.2.2026 7:00pm european time

length: 70-80 minutes

Entrance fee: free, donations are welcome

Kidsclub KiberaAID


Auch im neuen Jahr führen wir unseren Kids-Club KiberaAID fort.

Vergangenen Samstag war es wieder so weit: jedes Kind war herzlich eingeladen am Genuss der leckeren Mandazi-Gebäcke und Getränken sowie am Spaß der vielseitigen Spiele Teil zu nehmen.

Wie immer wurde viel gelacht und viel Neues gelernt. Etwas, das mit Geld nicht zu bezahlen ist. Die Bilder von Brian Otieno geben einen Einblick in unsere Samstagstreffen.


Also in 2016 we are continueing with Kids-Club KiberaAID.

Last Saturday the kids were invited to come to the meetings in order to play games and to enjoy delicious drinks and cakes.

The kids had fun and they learned a lot about basic knowledge.

Enjoy the photos, made by Brian Otieno.