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Street foods in Kibera

Text & Pictures by Brian Otieno, Chairman of KiberaAID

Street foods are a commonplace here in Kibera. They range from a variety such as roasted maize, smokies, bhajias, chips, mandazi, chapatis, samosas, et al being sold in open air or displayed in transparent glass containers. The list is surely endless. Street foods are easily available and one can find them right outside their doorstep. There prices are totally different depending on what you want, but one thing stands out, they are very much affordable. The one thing negative about street food is that they can make you sick if you are not very careful. This is especially for those that requires to be cooked then displayed on carts for customers to see and come buy. For instance in such a case then one should always buy from a vendor with so many customers because people believe they have the best service and that their food is the best. But one thing remains clear, street foods are always yummy and super delicious.

Picture: Fish being dried on a wire mesh before being deep fried onto a waiting hot fire. Photo/Bryan Jaybee.

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