Why we pray

Text & Picture by Brian Otieno (Chairman of KiberaAID)

All the good and godly people I’ve ever met, testify to the vital aspects of prayers in there lives. But let’s be honest, sometimes praying is hard and even confusing, it needs motivation, sure enough there’s a lot of it in the Bible.

So I began to study how and why Jesus prayed. After all, He got more answers than anyone else and He always prayed for the right reasons. First, because He prayed all the time. The Bible says that “He would often withdraw to the wilderness and pray.” He prayed just about every chance He got. He was perfect; so it wasn’t like He was praying for forgiveness of sin or anything like that.

Well, that’s the second reason I was amazed. The more I study, the more good motivating reasons I find to pray. I find they’re basically the ones Jesus Himself had.

I am first called to prayer because it is a key vehicle to building my love relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity is not primarily rules. It is a relationship. Prayer is an important instrument in our overcoming sin and temptation.

We pray because prayer is crucial in determining God’s will and a major way we accomplish God’s work in the world.

Prayer itself is inherently valuable to God. In other words, whether we ever see any answers and whether we ever derive any personal benefit, God views prayer standing alone with an incomprehensible value.

Prayer is a major weapon in fighting the spiritual battle. When we pray, God intervene and the devil looses ground. It’s important to pray.